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Here is What We'll Cover

The importance of tracking your Projects

There are some common mistakes that lots of businesses make that end up costing them 10s or even 100s of thousands of dollars each year. We'll talk through some of them, and give you examples of what to look for.

How Real Time tracking improves your cashflow

Accurate and real-time costing gives you the opportunity to prevent project overruns as and when they happen. When a change in scope causes changes in cost, you'll know it, and be able to respond immediately.

Tracking your Project Costs

No one likes doing timesheets, or tracking the paperwork associated with expenses, but the reality is that wages and stock are usually the highest portion of costs for SMB clients. We'll talk through the VALUE of getting your data done, and getting it right.

How Templating your Common Projects is Key

Even though projects can vary wildly within a company, templating your common projects is a sure-fire way to stay on top of common costings, and product price changes.


About Rhys Roberts (cloudsolve)

Rhys Roberts loves nothing more than transforming businesses by implementing smart, tailored inventory and project-management integrations. As a Cloud Integration industry leader with more than 25 years’ experience in the retailing, manufacturing, accounting and technology sectors, his expertise is second to none.

Whilst his corporate experience is extensive, it was the unique combination of his accounting and manufacturing skills that resulted in identifying the gap between bespoke integration and customer needs. Cloudsolve - a business for businesses -was subsequently launched in 2016.

Having implemented solutions for hundreds of customers including Campos Café, Botanica Brands, Pure Pops and Mr Black Vodka to name a few, Rhys finds enormous satisfaction in seeing businesses grow, flourish and reach their full potential.


About Josh Licence (Apparatus Quo)

Josh is really enthusiastic about finding ways for his clients to optimise their businesses by doing things better, faster and more effectively.

Josh’s knack for quickly understanding the inner workings of each business probably comes from his engineer brain – he has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. Josh specialises in cloud strategy, implementations and project management across all things digital. A sweet tooth with a passion for chocolate, Josh started his career at Cadbury before becoming an IT consultant at Deloitte. From May 2016, Josh found a home in the growing entrepreneurial community known as BlueRock, where he unleashed his passion for helping business leaders across all industries design and integrate tailored solutions that provide a return on investment. 

During his downtime, Josh loves to cook, play squash, and hang out with his partner Felicia and his dog Link the whippet - just ask him for dog photos and he’d be happy to oblige!


About Tony Harcourt (

WorkGuru Co-Founder Tony Harcourt is an experienced member of the small-business community, having started his first business at 22!

Working in the cloud-integration and accounting space since 2014, Tony has been exposed to hundreds of SMBs and corporates, and has seen first hand how systems can make the difference between merely surviving, and thriving in the modern business environment.

Tony is passionate about helping small-businesses grow and prosper, and believes that it's impossible to do that without the best-of-breed cloud solutions to save time, and increase business visibility for a real-time review of your business operations.

Having led The Rype Group for 6 years, in 2018 Tony Co-founded with Michael Davis to fill a gap in the market. Tony is currently focusing on helping manufacturing businesses scale and improve the profitability of their enterprises particularly in mining related sectors, and rural and regional Australia.

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